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"Do not dream your life, live your dream goal" - Mark Twain


So we are trying to gather all our mess to draw to Cambodia and thus begin our South-East Tower, we wanted to post you a little message to wish you a Happy New Year 2011 with wine and good sauciflard. All our best wishes for happiness, health and success. And to support our small card, you join a few stats to con our 4 months (already!) Of ...


A week in Goa is: the beach, relaxing, sunbathing, our favorite little restaurant Baban and the small dose of fun jet skiing, bike but also "strange" beach parties. Because Goa is known for that. Ancient temple of racing where there are still fifteen years tens of thousands of hairy hairy came together on the beach to "exchange ...


Rajasthan passing stage of memory, complete change of scenery as we approach the megalopolis Mumbai. Bottling hours to reach the city center when we were alone in the world on our bikes in the desert around Jaisalmer.

Mumbai could be compared to an almost island by its progress in the sea, but its unusual side compared to other Indian cities we will especially think of a "near India." ...


For this last episode in Rajasthan, few things to say since we do not have anecdotes to tell, no large galleys or wild epics camel or bikes .... We just discovered two great cities to the expectations we could have this Indian province. Lines and lines of description would be in vain and photos (hopefully) speak for themselves.


In the same vein as Jaipur and Ajmer, we mentioned ... Bikaner. Have not really had an affinity with this city, our adventure "Bikanerienne" therefore stop our poor 3 pictures of the old town you can admire below. Maybe we do not take the time to enjoy the city as such, but the desire and the feeling is not frankly appointment, we preferred from the same night. And so ...


After regaining our good appetizers Westerners, tourists, wallets on legs, we finally took the rails towards Jaipur. Starting very early in the morning ... we could be at the forefront of an extremely rare sight in India, striking spectacle and good surprise awakening, made up almost be called a miracle. We were faced with an empty train .... no Indians without "TChaïman" and "Lockerman" (as they are ...


After visiting the holy city and have the luxury of eternal happiness was then resumed the way ... Railways to join the Indian capital, we have appointed Delhi. Varanasi, its narrow streets and its apparent mess as was the previously described was actually a haven compared to major cities that we will discover later. Delhi is therefore not an exception ...


After 18 days spent in Nepal, we were excited to arrive in India and especially excited to face ... 22 hours bus separating Kathmandu from Varanasi. Far from the Russian rigor and 9 hours waiting at the entrance of Mongolia, it is this time spent as letters at the post office within 5 minutes flat to Indo-Nepalese border Sonauli city.


Once past Friendly Bridge (border between Tibet and Nepal, Tibet see pictures), our freedom and a return to basics: a guide to Chinese trading scams of all kinds, the touts and hostels restaurants, and fast ... We returned to reality because on arrival at the customs office Nepali was the bargain with the authorities our exchange rate for the visa. ...


The road to Tibet does not start but Chinese border to the Beijing Railway Station, the train with the "roof of the world." Having decided to visit some central China, our Tibetan experience will begin at Xi'An half way between Beijing and Lhasa 36 hours of mythical train, towards one of the highest capitals in the world. And we still took full view ... Very ...

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