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[Roadtrip] Honduras or banana republic

Honduras is a much poorer country than Guatemala. This comes in our favor for the border crossing happens relatively quickly by simply paying a small government tax. For his part, El Diablo avoid accuracy problems as well as a thorough search (phew! It may not have survived to be a complete dismantling ...).

Unfortunately, our route in Guatemala does not allow us to set foot in El Salvador ... The Salvadoran and beautiful volcanic chain with 20 volcanoes will be a great reason to come back and have a look hospitality.

Track-so - for Honduras, the country or banana like I said ... For the record, Honduras was the second largest exporter of bananas until 1998. No wonder there is still some banana ...

We arrive in the rainy season which sometimes makes rather heavy weather, in other hot, humid and mosquito-infested terms. The roads are often poorly maintained easily double the travel time.

In Honduras, something you need to know is that people have no concept of time and distance. When you said that the next town is 30 minutes away and the road is good, understand that the road is in a terrible state and there is at least 3 hours ballad ... Checked and truthful! It has been asked more than once if we had not missed our arrival so that the end point we had not even done 1/4 of the way! Another point, as Central Mexico, when you ask your way, even if the gus do not know anything and never heard the name of American life, it will tell you when a same direction. Try to have fun, you'll see! You will be surprised to learn that Bordeaux is only a few kilometers from Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital. Yes, it's crazy!

It had to happen, El Diablo begins to weaken .... Some 100 km after the border, the needle indicating the motor temperature liquid comes out of the quadrant! Shit Man! There's a trick that will not ... But do not worry, El Diablo has more tricks under its hood and decided to splurge on a special little shack of a Honduran mechanic. On intrigued and suspicious eye, the mechanic approaches worried about our black fireball smoking all his guts. I think his first reaction was to laugh seeing us get on his lawn. It should not be every day that sees three tourists disembark galley in his garage open driving a car registered Mexico. His first question was how we had to come up with what the scrap heap ... Eh! We do not treat El Diablo like that! So after pouring an avalanche of 5 or 6 cans of water directly on the engine to cool, he asked us how far we were going? There, it was left for the second major distraction of the day. In Costa Rica, Señor! Three kids playing football just kept repeating that we would stay in Honduras ... and this idea already delighted us making future playmates So diagnostic Pedro? "Mmm, es el sensor de humo". We have no idea what the sensor de humo but we understand that there has room to change and it will take a week of labor against 1000 dollars ... And the second Pedro solution? Well it's cushy ride and the engine water every three hours ... I j'dis, it starts to feel the scorched it all! However, we finally decided to clear out 15 hours of me today ... He wanted nothing in exchange for his help, but forced to see that her children were not in school because of financial means, we slip him a little note in the pocket of his shirt, thanking him for his time and kindness.


The Central American countries are on the way drug trafficking from South America heading for North American consumers and Honduras does not escape this reality. Night falls and we were far from reaching "Peña Blanca", the city where we wanted crécher tonight. On the advice of a Honduran at a gas station, it is safer to stay here, given the state of our beam and for "gang night"! The road to get to the next town is long and dangerous he says. Okay, deal. But the fact is that here? "San Pedro Sula" amigo ... OK, I take a quick glance in the Lonely Planet if there is not a good plan that there traine ... and to our great surprise, we discover that we are in the capital crime and AIDS in Honduras ... There actually I do not think we could have hoped for! The signs on the walls of the hotel that we find for 200 Lempiras (about 8 euros) forbidden to enter with self grenades and a shotgun. In contrast, machetes and knives are allowed ... The hotel also closes its gates to Farting 21 hours, and if you have the misfortune to come back after it is out it will spend the night ... Let me tell you that a mi 6 minutes flat instead of the 12 minutes we had left to get on the sidewalk opposite a piece of chicken, plantains, false chips that are nothing more than dried bananas and a tasty juice gas Blue Banana (what's wrong ...)! Bon appetit course! You can savor our delicious meal tray in front of a good movie (The Jungle Book in Spanish) broadcast on TV in our hotel room exclusively just for us. A beautiful evening rotten travel the way you like ... is not it?

Come on, enough around here, go to Peña Blanca. The small town that borders Lake Yojoa, is surrounded by small mountains characteristics of Honduras. The manager of a farm of banana plantations we interview offers us hang our hammocks in one of the houses under construction for 50 Lempiras per person. It is two steps from here in hostel with swimming pool, restaurant and free guitars service we will almost every evening in company of other tourists. Hondurans we meet in town we are very welcoming and will even pay us our beers to initiate the discussion. We thought still questionable and fraudulent shot but no our preconceptions are proved true! Valerian, Thibaud and I have therefore lowered our guard time several pool parties.


We discover a little more Honduran cuisine, which will prove to be a classic food that can be found in Central America. That is to say, mashed red beans "frijoles" spicy red cabbage, avocado, banana terracotta "platanos" meat or grilled chicken with corn cakes "tortillas." A crazy trip to the waterfalls 40 meters from the corner and we are already preparing psychologically path (before moving to Nicaragua) to reach our final stop in Honduras, Comayagua.

Although it was believed that the four routes from El Diablo were each in a direction opposite to the direction of earth and paths that connect cabosseux "El Lago de Yojoa" in Comayagua, she has managed to take us safely. Whew! Bienvenidos to Santa María de la Nueva Valladolid (for short). Comayagua is mainly renowned for the beauty of its Spanish colonial architecture and its cathedral one of the oldest in Central America (or the end of the album). Just arrived in the city, the first Honduran who is asked a good plan for a cheap room, finished his beer gulp and immediately climbed into our car to guide us with a new beer in hand. Amazing and very friendly, but we did not ask for much ... Especially he ended up getting yelled at by his wife on the phone because she thought he was still at the bar booze, which in itself is not totally wrong because I think he jumped at the chance to put a new beer. Ignacio, our new GPS, we had a quick tour of the neighborhood and tells us about the streets in which better not be hanging from 22-hour time as a tourist is generally (although for us it is not a big thing) the equivalent of one month's salary in the pocket. He ended up dropping us in a small residence three blocks from the cathedral, cockroaches will, but cheap.


We take the Panamerican few days later towards the Nicaraguan border, a bottle of honey Honduran pocket manager, a fan of our pilgrimage from Mexico.

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14. July, 2011

In your place I would be happy to replace rice in Asia by plantain (~)
I'm curious to get your opinion on Nicaragua ...
Bise poto '


19. July, 2011

I think that `s it says THE Honduras O-)


19. July, 2011

Thank you : O)

Adrien Chick

29. July, 2011

so true kick the guy who has no idea of ​​the direction and tells you which nimporte. I read all your summaries Latin am, and I'm confused wrong with what I did in belize guatemala and honduras, suerte!

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