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Springbreak in Cancun

From April 1st to April 6th, 2011

The full-moon party in Thailand, the Tubing in Laos, next on the list was necessarily the Springbreak! Much publicized the fullmoon is in Cancun we decided to lend the game.

We very much hoped these 5 days of excess like all tv shows (including MTV) can show it. Although we arrived a week after the lighthouse week we have had a good overview of "Spring Break in Mexico" American students.


To provide context, we booked 5 nights in an all-inclusive hotel (open bar and buffet) where the heart of Springbreak was to take place. THE framework of dream, an extended range for kilometers sandbar and turquoise water. But if we look closer, it is entirely artificial reef and shaved to nothing. Entrepreneurs quickly realized that this was where they were going to win and buildings have sprung up like weeds on the seafront. We have us as quickly understood the principle, which we, in general, disappointed. In addition to an already extremely expensive hotel stay, the evenings that take place outside the hotel in downtown Cancun are far from being included in the holiday price. Night clubs, there is a shovelful, the famous Coco Bongo the movie "The Mask", which gives performances every night and wants to justify the high price entered, The City that accommodates up to 8,000 people, the Daddy'O, the Bulldog Cafe, Senor Frog's, the Up & Down, all of them more than the other and on ... So inevitably USD 50 entry into disco, if it is not 60 USD or 75 USD, it cools !!! The calculations are quick, even at 25 USD without open bar entry 4 nights in a row the addition becomes significantly saltier now! But by being there it would have been a shame not to go take a look inside at least once (a video key). In Cancún the days of the week does not matter, from Monday to Sunday, there is always a good reason to get out. The price is high but once inside we can only be intoxicated by the atmosphere.


The Springbreak has become a rite of passage for students, who sometimes even accompanied (both the open bar at the pool) from their parents! A generalized anything at all major hotels in the Caribbean coast where everyone let go until unreason. With our mouths and our ways of being small frenchis, there has hardly taken part in the delusions of Americans. However if you want to spend a little more unnoticed, here are some tips ...

Rule 1: What the Americans are sober or soaked, it is customary to constantly scream for all possible and imaginable reasons. For example, when you review someone you have lost there about 12 seconds, take a breath of fresh air and scream in his ears all your guts "Yeaaaaaaaaaah John" (or if you forgot its first try Ryan, Brandon, Matt, Dan or otherwise Mike in short you will adapt easily see). Prepare yourself back to what you still meet stronger. If you insist on not losing your ears in 5 days, consider carry earplugs that will serve you both day and night! Simple but he had to think.

Rule 2: Do not wake up before 10 am. What an idea, see !!!! The bar is not open yet.

Rule 3: On today's menu, do keep in mind BURGER. Forget the guacamole which titillates the corner you look, and prefer 20 minutes in line for your plate of fries. Avoid contact with Mexican food while you are in Mexico, because it would be unfortunate to fall ill on holiday in a 5-star all-inclusive!

Rule 4: Never tell anyone you speak Spanish. We suspect you of not being American. An American does not speak English but American.

Rule 5: Hide your backpacker bag under your bed or attempt under any pretext that let a (an) American (e) in the room (never more otherwise it's a recipe for disaster). The likelihood floor finish is much higher than on the bed You will be exposed and you will quickly have parents by Northwest ;)

Rule 6: Learn to talk openly about sex, drugs and alcohol.

Rule 7: Do not see anything unhealthy and find quite normal that the father of the girl showing off amid a hundred other students, generously encourages begging him to dare even sexier positions Miss Bikini win the prize! Do not crisez if you are part of the video filming of parents for their daughter have a "memory" of Sprinbreak.

Rule 8: Never say that you pay yourself your stay. It is customary that parents pay their child their "Springbreak" or vulgarly their "virginity". This is something that is passed from generation to generation. Parents should be there!

Rule 9: Do not argue with an American geography, you learn at your expense that France is the capital of Spain. You want another? Ouiiiiiiiii ... Go a little last for the road. Think long and stay thoughtful when asked repeatedly: What is the capital of Europe? If you want to play around and create a little short neural circuit, answer with gusto: bha course LA FRANCE !!!

Let us return to our Springbreak. There is no doubt that Mexico is more lax laws on the States, that's where the debauchery is the word order and where the notion of American Puritanism no longer exists !

One last tip to finish this article before you jump on the video, if you also hesitate to crack 1000 USD in 5 days instead go for a walk on the opposite coast in Puerto Escondido during Holy week. This is lower than the Mexican version Springbreak unfolds ... and what we said this is worth seeing.

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