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Mexico: Tequila, Tacos and Guacamole

From March 14 to April 6, 2011

Having fallen behind on writing articles and to allow me to update the site, Mexico will be a single article.

Our trip to Mexico: Mexico - Puebla - Queretaro - Toluca - Oaxaca - Tuxcla - San Cristobal de las Casas - Palenque - Campeche - Merida - Cancun - Tulum


This time the plane had to take it. No choice if we wanted to save time. A small Air Tahiti Nui flight as it should, from Auckland to Los Angeles with a stopover in Papette ... on this one, it is not to be pitied. To our great disappointment, although we have not had time to go get outside, we still were welcomed like any other tourists with a ukulele and Tiare (Tahitian floral emblem) to slip behind ear. No time to fall asleep, direction LA Due to the time difference between NZ and USA, it did not took back a few hours but downright reschedule! We have one day stopover before flying back to Mexico City. Just time to don a greasy burger and fat well then to bask in the sun at the beach closest to the airport. Three hours later we went, finally! At four o'clock the head loose but our backpack, it only remained to wait a few hours the opening of the subway.

You should not wait long for that one throws himself on the Mexican food. In our tacos, tortillas, burritos, and guacamole! Pleasure without a word when you ate pasta and rice during the last 6 months! Small but tough, chili is not necessarily become our friend the first day. But we want good and we look tame.
Worthy of the great capitals, Mexico City offers a wide variety of styles. Beyond its 9 million inhabitants and dwellings in the eye, the center itself is a beautiful place to visit. Cohabitation of its pre-Hispanic architecture, colonial and modern is only surprising. Unfortunately almost no photographs of Mexico City because Chris will lose its second camera and the pictures for the site ...

Following the adventures will be in the company of friends gathered in Cholula, a lively university town north of Mexico City, Puebla. It was time to get the rhythm of Mexico and begin tequila and mezcal (like tequila produced from blue agave, aloe kind). A good week to make whoopee, we take the road to the site's most famous pre-Columbian and grander: the San Juan Valley and the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan in the city 50 km north of Mexico. They were the first that we saw since we left, and we must admit that the excitement was there!

This becomes difficult to account on a map but Mexico is really great! These are night buses that are enchainer, for the 13 or 17 hours, sometimes causing us to arrive at 4 am for the simple reason that Mexican drivers have a habit of playing with Formula 1 drivers ! Not easy to close my eyes while driving, but the charm of small towns still to go, because we (sometimes) forget fatigue (when not resting on park benches shaded central place).

Oaxaca is a small historic city of colonial Mexico which focuses almost everything can be found in a Mexican town: a central square (Zocalo) which takes place mainly musical events, houses with neat and colorful, the colonial baroque churches (Santo Domingo Church and Taxco) and a few historical museums. The streets are clean. The warmth of Mexicans is felt wherever we went. Small caravans of itinerant fruit juices and tacos for a few dollars we do not resist much either ... Oaxaca is also known for its traditional Mexican mole (special but to taste), a meat dish in a spicy sweet chilli and chocolate! We were told that it was particularly difficult to properly dose the spice and chocolate to come properly to marry meat. And indeed, we did not finish our plates ...

San Cristobal de las Casas is a must. Amazing but we were at 2300 meters altitude in the green mountains of Chiapas. We find this relaxed atmosphere of small Mexican towns. It is very hot but dry. It was under 40 degrees in the sun as we visit the city and its covered market where we will acquire a hammock for 140 Pesos Mexicanos (or 8 euros) in anticipation of the episode Palenque ... We are also left with a good kilo of avocados, onions, tomatoes and limes. We were unable to resist trying to unravel the mysteries of true Guacamole devoting themselves to the task with a poor plastic fork on the shelf of our hotel room. Ultimately not so badly as that, we decide to make a complete meal with a good course Corona.

We had spun the plan, and we wanted to venture there, sleeping in the jungle of a national park. Hammock and mosquito net in the bag, we were equipped to face the rainforest and Mayan ruins. Arrived at night, we went to the box below MAYA BELL (for those who want to experiment). We install, with great difficulty, our hammocks under thatched roofs surrounded by an impenetrable forest and incredibly noisy. Suffice to say right away that this was not our best nights in Mexico, by far. Even having sunk as deep as we could our mp3 headphones, we still had the impression that the howler monkeys who coveted the forest were just above our heads. Howler monkeys, Howler or short or even by their scientific name alouates, you can call them whatever you want but it will take some time before we repeated the experience! Fresh as daisies (so), you should not miss the Mayan ruins of Palenque! Let's go for a good day's walk. Entirely of stone or stucco, these pyramids in the middle of an enchanting are by far our favorite.

The pyramids is pretty, it's beautiful and it's cool but after the 10th, you begin to know what to expect. While some would argue that going to Mexico without seeing Chitzen Itza is like going to France without seeing the Eiffel Tower, we were rather preferred to visit Campeche and Merida. Two neighboring towns, hiding fabulous underground caves called "Cenotes" in Mexican.

We did it, we arrived as planned in Cancun April 1, 2011 for Springbreak. Few days in a dream hotel on the all-inclusive Caribbean beach with pool and buffet volo, this resource! Cancun, there is no doubt it is the feast to 200%, the Coco Bongo girls night clubs all this all this ... it will make you the scoop in a future article that will explain our mixed feelings about this City!

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22. June, 2011

It's been a but I'm still your story in Barcelona (well, I confess that I missed a few items to catch up) and it's still great!
On this one you seem to have more tourists visited in other countries, right?
Good continuation and see you soon,
Enjoy biennnn (I know, this is already happening, but hey, sentence boat to tell everyone you want haha)

Big hugs!

Submachine gun

24. June, 2011

Hi both,

Well I still had to come read your article on Mexico. I see you've done a lot of things that's cool. You made the spring break too?

I have to revise your head anyway I hope you'll come see me in the south or we will be in Panam

Kisses kisses

Mimi : O):-D:-(;-):-P-O =8-):-/O :-): -!>: OC :-):-( |)O-): @: - [(B)

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