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Singapore or anti-india

From December 19 to 23 Décembre2010

We find that Kuala Lumpur super clean, organized, ... we had not seen anything yet. Nothing from the border, the 'Singaporean' rigor is felt. Not allowed to bring one tasted alcohol, any cigarette must be declared, the Gum chewings are forbidden ... Better to have put a padlock on his bag for drug possession can make you risk the death penalty (same sentence Malaysia).

With such strict rules, we get an absolutely perfect city: public transportation are super modern with security cameras throughout the bus / metro / street (the city is super safe), no media drags in streets (on pain of paying a fine of 1000 dollars), the buildings are recent (or under construction) architecture is contemporary, payment highways is automatic detection of the license plate ... It's like a video game, a mix of Sims and Sim City. Citizens need to be good citizens in their satisfaction ratings is max. If crime increases in one place, we will build a police station, not to increase the rate of pollution entering the city is charged to cars, to attract foreign corporate taxes are lowered on businesses, for fill the coffers of the state can not impose any restrictions on the arrival of liquid capital but that the population is well disciplined and healthy melted tax alcohol and cigarettes.

Each person thus has a different view of the city, perfect or too perfect (even the Indian neighborhood is super clean !!)? Our French side a bit grumpy rogue / thief has no place there because everything is regulated and the threat of punishment is everywhere. Chris think it's a little too formatted, it's good for business but less to live. Thomas is more contrasted thinking that the order is more beneficial for the city and it would see why not spend some time. Despite the lack of culture of any modern city we must admit that Singapore is an ideal geographical location in the middle of Asia, with low cost companies very cheap, perfect for travel. Modern comfort at the gates super cheap country.

And just go on some islands near Singapore to realize that there is not a long time, the city was still a wilderness. The smallness of the country was able to make all this possible and quite funny detail. You can browse almost all Singapore's subway! Imagine a line with stations like Lille-Bordeaux-Nantes-Nice-Strasbourg?

We have liked these two small stops "cozy" with backpakers, hot showers, DVDs evenings and supermarkets 3 floors ... A little luxury will not refuse when you are about to leave for a tour of Asia Southeast Thailand / Cambodia / Vietnam / Laos slightly more "roots" that Singap '.

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